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Hear about a raid or other current events that the mainstream media is bypassing? Or are you a new smoker and unsure which way to pass? Send us your questions or topics and we'll solve all the world's problems. Ok, maybe not, but we will try to solve yours!

Have a product you want reviewed?

Do you make a cool smoking tool or medicated product and need to get the word out there? We do product review in the last segment of every show. The better the product, the more fun the last segment is! Send us a message with information about your product and we will fill you in on the details!

Have a message to get out there?

If you are a part of the growing marijuana movement and would like to be a guest on our show, please send us your contact information along with a short bio and what your area of focus is. If we like what you have to say, we'll have you on an upcoming show. We'll also link to your website and/or social networking info, if included. If you prefer we do not link to you or put your bio on our website, you must include this with your submission. Activate. Educate. Weeducate.

Interested in Advertising with us?

Weeducated has been around long enough to see just about everything in the cannabis industry. While we believe the majority of those entering into this brand new industry are compassionate folks who really care about their consumers, there are a decent number of folks that are just out to make a buck. Because of this, Weeducated has made a pretty bold decision NOT to advertise in exchange for money.

Why? We don't ever want our listeners to wonder if we're promoting something simply because we got paid to do so. Our opinions are not for sale. That doesn't mean we don't advertise, just that we won't do so for money. If we talk about a company or product on air or on the site, it's because we genuinely believe in what they stand for. Not only do we think the product or service itself is awesome, we also believe in how the company is bringing it to market. As a result of this decision, we are listener supported. If you love Weeducated or just want to support our decision to only do honest, unpaid advertising, check out our store or make a donation today.

If you are a company who thinks you're doing it 'right', hit us up today to learn more about how to get promoted by Weeducated and its hosts. To learn more about the show, check out our Media Kit here!

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