Weeducated Show Sixty Three – The Come Down

Woohoo! That’s right. You know what time it is. And this episode is packed with cannabis goodness. In Cannabis News we cover lots of topics, including a revisit to the Denver Airport where we discuss their final determination on whether or not to allow cannabis themed merchandise. And we share some news that makes Alaska an even cooler place to visit. And we discuss the surprise move by the American Academy of Pediatrics that has cannabis consumers and parents of kids with seizure disorders jumping for joy. However, not everything is sunshine and rainbow pooping unicorns. We discuss the battles raging in Alaska and Oregon to keep what was voted in, as opposed to what the politicians think is best for us. And we also touch on another recent hurdle in the cannabis industry’s efforts to find permanent and legal banking solutions.

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In Cannabis Law Tips, Attorney Jeff Kaufman brings us a great summary on the legalization draft for Arizona for 2016. Cannabis Recipes and Cooking brings us a great recipe for crowd-pleasing cannabis goodness. Cannabis Medicated Salsa….say WHAT?! Cannabis Music features a great song about being young and wild and free…oh wait, I think that’s what it’s called. 🙂 Cannabis Product Review comes back with a great little edible that’s available in Washington, California and Oregon so don’t miss it! And in Cannabis Events, we discuss our upcoming roadtrip to an event ANYONE with an eye for the economic benefits of legalization should attend. All in all, we think it’s one heck of a show. Press play now and GET WEEDUCATED!!

By rubylexi • February 4, 2015 • 12:00 am


  1. While you were discussing driver types A, B, or C, You mentioned Russ Bellevue of 420radio.org. His correct name is Russ Belville, just as a heads up. M-Kay? He works really hard and has accomplished a lot while taking part in this movement, and I listen to him as well. Have a great day!

    • Thanks for the heads up! While we apologize for our poor pronunciation, we are quite familiar with Russ and have worked with him many times (and know his last name is Belville-I’ve also sucker punched Frank 🙂 as appropriate). Russ is actually a Weeducated hero and we will even be playing a speech of his on our next show. Regardless, thanks for keeping us honest and for listening (and for being so involved with the cannabis industry)!

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