Weeducated Show Sixty Four – Out with the Bad

It’s time for al all new episode of weeducated! This is a jam-packed show and will definitely give you some great ammo for our continued fight against the war on cannabis. In Cannabis News, we talk all about the new educational campaign launched by MPP. It’s a whole new way to Get Weeducated and we love it! We also talk about the exciting changes likely to happen in Jamaica, with regards to cannabis. We also discuss the chances for D.C.’s cannabis initiative as Obama signed in a new budget that directly affects the funding available for Washington D.C. to implement the legalization measure. And if you’re in the mood for brain explosions, we’ve got you covered. We found a great little study that gives us a great talking point when the opposition says there just isn’t enough research, showing the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

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For Cannabis Law Tips, Attorney Jeffrey Kaufman takes us through the recent addition of PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Arizona. We plug a delicious low-carb recipe for this week’s Cannabis Recipes and Cooking. For Cannabis Music, we talk about an awesome website that will not only get your toes tapping but will hopefully get your plants producin’ too! In Cannabis Product Review, we discuss an upcoming cannabis strain that Ruby’s dad is sure to love. And Cannabis Events brings us probably one of the coolest new events to come out of Colorado since the legalization of cannabis. SMYOGA. Listen now to hear all the haps. It’s time to GET WEEDUCATED!

By rubylexi • February 11, 2015 • 12:00 am

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