Steve’s Cannabis Corner – Show 29

Welcome back to everyone, I am so happy to be back on the show. Sooooo much is happening. We have opened our dispensary and are working hard on our grow site and kitchen. This amazing industry has taught me many things that I plan to share on the show. Most of all, this is about you, the patients. These laws are being written about patient access. Somehow along the way this is forgotten.

I say this because although we have 21 or so states as I type this, these laws are frought with restrictive clauses not found in any other industry. So starting with the laws that are passed, then the state will write more rules restricting access. Lastly local jurisdictions will then place zoning requirements which resemble porn shops or nuclear resource handlers or both.

I really wish we could get this done federally so there would be consistent laws for people to follow. Basically, something on one or two pages of typeset. Legalized socially and taxable for those over 18 and medically available to those who require it and tax free. Free to grow for your self and others. Just do not be intrusive on others freedoms. Do not smoke where not appropriate, around children, those allergic or the elderly who may not be able to handle it. Common sense eh?

In Arizona, we have seen many raids as predicted unfortunately. I do not support any of these actions. Whether you are a patient, caregiver, dispensary owner or agent, even citizen, again, this law was written to allow patient access. Some of these people can not defend themselves against the prohibitionists. Some of them can not leave their homes even their beds. Some of them may not have time to go to doctors to get their cards. THEY ARE THAT SICK!!!! But despite these facts, many are not able to deliver to these neediest patients. We need to keep weeducating for more efficient and sensible patient access. Statewide delivery options would be welcomed.

Nationally, we have seen Illinois, New Hampshire become medical states, and Vermont decriminalized in the last month. Washington Dc has opened 3 dispensaries. This could prove to be our best chance at a federal program. Lets hope things go smooth there. Colorado has begun getting ready for the first of 2014 with legalization. Currently anyone can have 6 plants in possession if over 18 or 21. Crazy you can drive down the street with 6 plants. But definitely progress.

Medically many advancements. Many forms of cancer, Chrohns, , Alzheimers, Mersa, Migraine, studies have shown the effectiveness of treating with cannabis, and the safety!!!! Watch our website and facebook page for these studies to be posted.

Since its back to school time lets not forget to ACTIVATE, EDUCATE, and WEEDUCATE!!!!!

By Superior Steve • August 6, 2013 • 3:07 pm

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