Show Twenty Three

Happy 420!!!

This show is a special edition of Weeducated. We still have the same segments (more or less) but we do it live and on location at our live Arizona 4/20 event!

Kristie’s law talks about the shooting at the Denver marijuana rally. We also talk about the Libertarian think tank pushing for billions of dollars in new revenue through marijuana legalization.

Little known facts is live this time with Kristie serving up trivia and goodies for our listeners.

Thanks to DJ’s Smoke Shop, Coughing Canary and Cadence Watches for providing all of our goodies!

Steve was also with us at the big event and he was taking questions all day. He answered them on-air and on stage. Attorney Jeff Kaufman gives us a special bonus with THREE law tips this week as he was also taking questions all day.

All in all this was one HELL of a birthday party for Weeducated and a pretty great show for you too! Happy 4/20 to all of you!

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By rubylexi • April 22, 2013 • 10:15 am

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