Show Forty Seven – On the Oregon Trail

This long-awaited show is a special from Weeducated’s trip to Oregon! We put together a pretty amazing show complete with excerpts from the Patients Out of Time Medical Conference on Cannabis. We also meet up with the powerhouse activists, Sarara from and Martha Montemayor- the patient advocate from Colorado, and you can hear the full interview now. We also meet up with the legendary Russ Belville from and the Russ Belville Show! This was an amazing trip with some really amazing patients and activists. A big thanks to everyone who made Weeducated’s trip and this special episode a success! Press play now!


Here are Ruby and Mat hanging out with the famous Russ Belville at the Oregon Japanese Gardens!2014-05-12_03.13.39_2

By rubylexi • June 4, 2014 • 12:00 am

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