Weeducated Show Sixty Two – Thience is Tho Thuper!

Woohoo! We promised you great coverage of the 2015 Emerald Conference in beautiful San Francisco and we’re here to deliver! In this episode of Weeducated, the crew takes a road trip to California to cover the first ever Emerald Conference, hosted by Emerald Scientific. The conference covered a many topics related to the chemistry and science of cannabis. While it’s no substitution for actually being there, we bring you several amazing talks from this monumental event. Tune in now to learn all about the Terpine differences between Indica and Sativa, an in-depth explanation of the endocannabinoid system and tons of coverage on the current state of cannabis testing and labs. The Weeducated crew also has a call out to all producers and lab workers (or really anybody in the industry), with a reminder we’re all in this together and we need to remember we’re breaking new territory. We think it was an incredible conference and  we can’t wait to hear what you think. Check it out now and then drop us a line to let us know!

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Show Fifty Four – International Cannabis Business Conference

Alright! It’s time for an all new episode of Weeducated and we have an awesome special for you, based around the recent International Cannabis Business Conference in Portland, OR. As promised, Weeducated went on a road trip and got the goods for our wonderful listeners.

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This special show was so long we didn’t include a law tip but we have an Oregon specific one ready for the next show. And we have lots of great content from the conference which includes some great bits from Russ Belville (founder of 420radio.org), Dominic Corva (helped pass WA legalization), Brian Vincent (helped pass CO legalization), Don Duncan (co-founder of Americans for Safe Access), Amy Margolis (Oregon marijuana attorney and activist), and Doug Fine (Activiwst and author of ‘Too High to Fail’). We even have some content that explains the cannabis laws in Canada and Uruguay. As promised, we also have interviews with several of these influencial folks and some of the local folks in Oregon, helping to make the industry strong and prosperous for all Oregonians. We think this is one of our best specials yet. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Show Forty Nine – Our First ‘Best Of’

Ok, ok ok…You’ve been asking for it and here it is! Our very first best of show. We went back through all the shows and pulled the best content and compiled it for this episode. We’ve got all the fan favorites in here. Go ahead…smoke it up, press play and enjoy!


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Show Forty Seven – On the Oregon Trail

This long-awaited show is a special from Weeducated’s trip to Oregon! We put together a pretty amazing show complete with excerpts from the Patients Out of Time Medical Conference on Cannabis. We also meet up with the powerhouse activists, Sarara from CannaHealNow.com and Martha Montemayor- the patient advocate from Colorado, and you can hear the full interview now. We also meet up with the legendary Russ Belville from 420radio.org and the Russ Belville Show! This was an amazing trip with some really amazing patients and activists. A big thanks to everyone who made Weeducated’s trip and this special episode a success! Press play now!


Here are Ruby and Mat hanging out with the famous Russ Belville at the Oregon Japanese Gardens!2014-05-12_03.13.39_2

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Show Thirty Nine

It’s 2014 and we’re kicking off the new year with a look back at some of the biggest achievements of 2013 for the marijuana movement and what we see coming in 2014.

In news we talk about some of the biggest wins we saw as an industry in 2013, from CO and WA legalization to all the states currently pushing legislation.

In cannabis law tips, we talk about the hot legal topics for marijuana in 2014, including driving under the influence and concentrates.

We take a look at some of the major medical studies published in 2013 during little known cannabis facts.

And we get back to basics during cooking with cannabis as Nicki walks us through how to make cannabutter (marijuana/cannabis infused butter).

For cannabis product review we review a great new vaporizer that can handle oils, waxes and dry herb for under 100 bucks. And during events we set a Weeducated New Year’s Resolution and hope you’ll join us.

We kick off the new year in true Weeducated fashion, so push play to listen now!



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Show Thirty Seven – BBBA Special!

Ok this show is actually a special from the recent Bong Butch bud Awards. Did you miss this awesome event? No sweat! Weeducated has you covered. We have a special on-location with several of the vendors, the awards show and a special interview with the expert grower, Kyle Kushman! It’s a short show but packed with awesome. Check it out now!


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Show Twenty Three

Happy 420!!!

This show is a special edition of Weeducated. We still have the same segments (more or less) but we do it live and on location at our live Arizona 4/20 event!

Kristie’s law talks about the shooting at the Denver marijuana rally. We also talk about the Libertarian think tank pushing for billions of dollars in new revenue through marijuana legalization.

Little known facts is live this time with Kristie serving up trivia and goodies for our listeners.

Thanks to DJ’s Smoke Shop, Coughing Canary and Cadence Watches for providing all of our goodies!

Steve was also with us at the big event and he was taking questions all day. He answered them on-air and on stage. Attorney Jeff Kaufman gives us a special bonus with THREE law tips this week as he was also taking questions all day.

All in all this was one HELL of a birthday party for Weeducated and a pretty great show for you too! Happy 4/20 to all of you!

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Show Sixteen

Weeducated – Show 16 – The cake is a lie

This is a bonus show and is more on the entertainment side of our particular brand of infotainment. We talk a lot about common misconceptions or myths about marijuana. We’re light on hosts with only the girls and Just George.  If you’re on the pro or con side of this one, you should listen to this show. The truth is out there, if you’re willing to listen…

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Show Fourteen

Weeducated-Show 14- Party Time!

This episode is recorded live from the Cannabis Spot Vapor Lounge where we hosted our first ever, Annual Live Holiday Party. The episode is filled with current events (more on the legalization from CO and WA). How the new laws interact with employer rules/regulations and a recap of Joseph Casias’ story. He found out first hand how medical marijuana laws protect you (or don’t). We also talk about the origins of Reefer Madness and the crazy demonization of marijuana. Our music break features the local rock band, Property Six (or P6) LIVE and boy do they rock the house! The second half includes the return of Petunia Higgenbottom. Plus, Steve the caregiver gives us more patient testimonials. Also, in the second half, we have some trivia and give away some pretty cool prizes! This is one party you definitely don’t want to miss. Luckily, with the internet and a bit of sound equipment, you don’t have to!

******We’d all like to thank our listeners for all of the tremendous support you’ve shown us, and for giving us your stories! We will be on break until after the holidays. Have a safe and lifted season. See you next year!

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