Weeducated Show Fifty Eight – The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Woohoo! It’s time for an all new episode of Weeducated! This episode, Nicki returns to do news with us and what news it is! We talk about the marijuana legalization efforts in the US and how that’s undercutting the Mexican cartels. We also discuss a new invention that could make it harder to drive if you’re a regular cannabis user. And we discuss making the right kinds of decisions as we push marijuana legalization further. With all the recent talk about how THC isn’t necessary to the medicinal movement, we talk about 40+ studies that point to the definitive benefits of THC specifically, on all kinds of different ailments and diseases.

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We don’t have a Cannabis Law Tip this time but we promise we’ve got a great one for the next show with a special guest attorney! In Little Known Cannabis Facts, we continue with the History of Cannabis Timeline and this episode focuses on Anslinger and some of the shady stunts he pulled in his mission to eradicate marijuana. For Cannabis Music, we pay homage to a great viper who actually poked fun at Anslinger in his songs. And we plug a delicious cannabis medicated garlic hummus for Cannabis recipes.  Cannabis product review covers a whole company that we think is bringing some really cool stuff to market and all based from a cannabis user’s perspective. Very cool stuff. In cannabis events, we talk about an upcoming scientific event that is sure to give our industry more credibility and growth. All in all, we think this is one heck of show. Press play now to hear it for yourself!

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Weeducated Show Fifty Seven – Danks for all da Sniffles

It’s time for an all new episode of Weeducated and this is a jam-packed show! While Ruby and Frank are both a bit under the weather, we rallied to pull together some amazing content for you. In Cannabis News, we talk about the new cannabis brand, Marley Natural. We also discuss the latest in the fight in Colorado over cannabis edible labeling requirements. And we take a step back to look at the cannabis reform efforts on the Federal level, including discussion of several bills working their way through the system already. We also keep everybody Weeducated by discussing a new study that looks at the benefits of cannabis in treating glioma, an incredibly aggressive form of brain cancer.


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In Cannabis Law Tips, Jeff takes us through the latest in the changes to the Arizona DUI laws. And in Little Known Cannabis Facts, we take a look at the first large scale report done on cannabis after the passage of the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. What the scientists found may surprise you. For Cannabis Recipes we plug a delicious new fall-themed recipe, Cannabis Infused Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast. NOM. NOM. NOM. Cannabis music features an oldie but goodie from Bob Marley (it’s one the best cannabis songs ever!). We shake it up a bit during Cannabis product review by partnering with CannaInsider.com to bring you an interview with the maker of the MyDX, a product we discussed on this show. And we keep mixing it up with Cannabis Events as we talk about event from May of 2014 that ties perfectly with this episode’s Little Known Cannabis Facts. We think this is a great show to listen to after stuffing yourself on Turkey and fixins! SO grab a pipe and press play NOW!!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re so incredibly grateful for the amazing support out listeners have shown us. THANK YOU ALL.

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Weeducated Show Fifty Six – Money Train

WOOHOO! It’s time for an all new episode of Weeducated! This is one helluva show. We announce some huge news for our sponsors and our listeners on this show. And of course, we talk all about the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon and the GOP legislator pushing for legalization in AZ for 2016. While it sounds great, we talk about a pretty major concern with his efforts. We also talk about all the money pouring into, and being projected for, the emerging cannabis industry. We also talk about Alaska’s legalization efforts with a focus on the law enforcement support. For Cannabis Law Tips, our resident attorney Jeff Kaufman reviews Oregon’s medical marijuana rules and regulations. For Little Known Cannabis Facts, we continue with the History of Cannabis Timeline. This episode, we focus on the jazz scene in the 30’s and 40’s in New York. For Cannabis Recipes, we discuss a delicious pumpkin recipe that can be made in about five minutes. Our Cannabis Music for this show touches on something we heavily discussed last show, our brand. And this episode’s Cannabis Product Review ranks HIGHer than any other product we’ve ever reviewed. Cannabis events takes to a destination for the ultimate date night. You definitely don’t want to miss this episode of Weeducated so go ahead….press play. DOOOOO EEEEEET!

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Weeducated Show Fifty Five – Protecting Pot’s (our) Brand

WOOHOO! It’s time for an all new episode of Weeducated and this one is one of our best. We were lucky enough to be able to record together, this time, in studio in sunny Arizona.

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In Cannabis News, we talk about the “Fuck it, I quit” lady from Alaska who quit on national television to pursue her life’s work as a marijuana activist. We explain how we feel about her move. We also talk about medical marijuana in Florida again and some of the new poo-slinging coming from that hotly debated state. We also talk about the new study on that came out of California that says 92% of medical marijuana patients say it is a beneficial medicine. We also talk about the groundbreaking case in Colorado for Brandon Coats in which he is suing Dish Network for firing him for his marijuana use despite his compliance with Colorado laws.  And of course we talk about the recent change in Colorado which allows entrepreneurs other than existing dispensary owners to open a marijuana retail store.

In Cannabis Law Tips, our resident attorney Jeffrey Kaufman gives a summary of the current Oregon medical marijuana laws. In Little Known Cannabis Facts, we are continuing the History of Cannabis Timeline and we talk about a great figure from the thirties and forties, Mezz Mezrow.  For Cannabis Cooking and Recipes we plug this episode’s recipe which can be made in less than ten minutes and is fall themed. Check it out here. For this episode’s Cannabis Product Review we take a look at a cheap vaporizer from Atmos. And in Cannabis Events, we talk about the Halloween Hash Bash in Colorado. This is an excellent show and you should listen to it now…. Go ahead, press play! Do it! Do it now!

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Show Fifty Four – International Cannabis Business Conference

Alright! It’s time for an all new episode of Weeducated and we have an awesome special for you, based around the recent International Cannabis Business Conference in Portland, OR. As promised, Weeducated went on a road trip and got the goods for our wonderful listeners.

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This special show was so long we didn’t include a law tip but we have an Oregon specific one ready for the next show. And we have lots of great content from the conference which includes some great bits from Russ Belville (founder of 420radio.org), Dominic Corva (helped pass WA legalization), Brian Vincent (helped pass CO legalization), Don Duncan (co-founder of Americans for Safe Access), Amy Margolis (Oregon marijuana attorney and activist), and Doug Fine (Activiwst and author of ‘Too High to Fail’). We even have some content that explains the cannabis laws in Canada and Uruguay. As promised, we also have interviews with several of these influencial folks and some of the local folks in Oregon, helping to make the industry strong and prosperous for all Oregonians. We think this is one of our best specials yet. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Show Fifty Three – Evil Monkeys

Well this show has been a long time coming. Suffice it to say we had some evil little IT monkeys running around trying to wreak havoc with our show schedule. But don’t fret, we’ve captured the evil little bastards.
SO, onto the show. This is a great episode where we continue with our new format….

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In news we talk all about the progression of the marijuana legalization movement and a group who tried to tie date rape with marijuana. We also talk about the pharmaceutical companies and how they have affected the push to legalize marijuana.

In Cannabis Law Tips, Jeff brings us a great tip with pretty much everything you need to know about New Mexico and their laws. In Little Known Cannabis Facts, we’re continuing with the History of Cannabis Timeline and this time is pretty special. We read an excerpt from the biography of Louis Armstrong, which happened to be in his own unique words.

And again, with our new format, we don’t actually talk about Cooking with Cannabis but we do plug our new recipe. In Cannabis Product Review we talk about an amazing little product that is coming to market that has the potential to change the entire industry. And in events, we talk about Weeducated’s road trip to Oregon for yet another Cannabis Conference.

All in all, we think this is a great show, even if the evil little monkeys kept it from you for so long. Check it out and don’t forget to let us know what you think of our new format!

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Show Fifty Two – Enough Already

Hurray! It’s time for a brand new episode of Weeducated and this is a good one! While we were experimenting with equipment and the sound quality isn’t as good as you’re used to, we think the quality of the show makes up for it. This show we continue with the changes to our format and we introduce a brand new member of the Weeducated family, Frank Heineken. We’re super excited to have him in the lineup as he is based out of Oregon and will be keeping us in the loop with all the cannabis happs there! Plus, he’s pretty rad in general. So, onto the show…

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In cannabis news this time, we’ve switched to our new format where we hope to get into more of the meat of the story. This time we talk about the NY Times call out to the federal government to legalize marijuana and the official White House response. Ready for some more reefer madness BS? We also discuss the cost differences between beer and cannabis. And we talk about driving and cannabis and a study put out by the Department of Transportation. The results will probably surprise you!

In Cannabis Law Tips, Attorney Jeff Kaufman talks all about the implications of being on probation if you need a medical marijuana card. And for little known cannabis facts, Ruby Lexington takes us through an interview with one of the most influential opponents of cannabis in history. Cannabis product review revisits some of our favorite strains and for cannabis events, we talk all about a great ongoing event happening in Denver. We think you’ll love the new format so hurry up and press play already!

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Show Fifty One – Change is Hard

Oh ya! It’s time for an all new episode of Weeducated! This is the first episode of our new format. Superior Steve is off in Colorado, gathering content for his new show. The Superior Flower Hour will be airing VERY soon and will cover all the news in the world of cannabis so we didn’t talk news this time at all.


Law is kind of surprising this time, with our resident Attorney Jeff Kaufman explaining how it may actually be legal in the state of Arizona for medical marijuana patients to sell cannabis to other licensed patients. In Little Known Cannabis Facts, we’re continuing with our History of Cannabis Timeline and we talk all about a period where the government propoganda surrounding cannabis was actually positive. In fact, it was so encouraged, men and their sons would be exempted from military service for growing it. Cooking with Cannabis has changed as of this episode to the new video format. We no longer just talk recipes, we show you how to make your very own healthy, delicious and savory medicated meals. In product review, we come back to revisit a new vaporizer (the SMK24 IKON)made by the same folks as one of our all time favorites, SMK24. And cannabis events covers one of the oldest and most widely known protestivals out there. All in all, it’s a great show. Press play now and see what you think of the new format!

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Show FIFTY – Almost Big Kids

Here it is! Show number fifty! And it’s a good one….Steve does his last Cannabis News segment before branching off into his own show and he sure goes out with a bang. We talk about a somewhat surprising bust in OK, the latest roadblock in the research of marijuana and telling the story of the “Prince of Pot”.


Jeff’s Cannabis Law Tip talks all about the recent win in the state of Arizona for cannabis activists and anyone suffering from PTSD. In Cannabis Cooking and Nutrition, we’ll be talking about MS. We cover, both the studies showing the tangible benefits of using cannabis, and the recipes that can help those suffering from MS.

Little Known Cannabis Facts takes us through a surprising turn of events, just after the passage of the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. In Cannabis Product Review, we cover the vaporizer Snoop Dogg himself designed. And finally, in Cannabis Events, we talk about a FREE event. It’s a great show so go ahead and press play!

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Show Forty Nine – Our First ‘Best Of’

Ok, ok ok…You’ve been asking for it and here it is! Our very first best of show. We went back through all the shows and pulled the best content and compiled it for this episode. We’ve got all the fan favorites in here. Go ahead…smoke it up, press play and enjoy!


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