Cannabis Product Review – Show 53

For this episode of cannabis product review, we’ll be talking about an incredibly cool new invention for all cannabis consumers concerned about quality. While it’s not a product we can review yet, we thought this was just so cool we had to review the new “MyDX” by CDX life. We’ll definitely be doing an official review on this bad boy once it is available. So cool!

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Here is what their website has to say:

MyDx (My Diagnostic) is the world’s first portable analyzer for everyone – a simple and affordable device that can detect the chemicals we cannot see.

Over the next 24 months, the MyDx team will be rolling out 4 different sensors, the first of which is the CannaDx sensor. Designed to test for safety and potency of cannabis, the CannaDx sensor is programmed to detect the presence of the most important compounds of interest in cannabis, including THC and CBD.

mydx cd life my dx

mydx cdl life my dx

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Cannabis Product Review – Show 52

Ok so for this episode of Cannabis Product Review, we talk all about our favorite strains. Frank’s current favorite from the great state of Oregon is the ever-popular, Casey Jones cannabis strain. Ruby’s new fave is the tasty, but hard hitting Blue Rhino cannabis strain. To hear more about these great strains, press play now!


Casey Jones Cannabis Strain


Blue Rhino Cannabis Strain


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Cannabis Product Review – Show 51

Cannabis Product Review – The SMK24 IKON

We’re revisiting an old friend for product review this time! Remember a few shows ago where we talked about that really great little personal vaporizer, the SMK24 Nanostik? Well, they’ve got a new vaporizer that will rival the Atmos dry, trippystix, and even the Gpen. It’s called the SMK24 IKON and it’s a great personal vape pen.



We just love these guys, so rather than me ranting about it, here’s what their website has to say about the SMK24 IKON:

The SMK24 iKon Dry Herb Vaporizer is used to heat dry herbs & waxy oils. It’s made with a wickless Ceramic Heating Chamber to provide maximum vaping experience. This kit includes a 510 oil attachment and Glass screen so you can start vaping the second you open the box!  This device is  durable and built to last! Available in Four (4) beautiful colors!

Average Rating:

Normally priced similarly to the Atmos Dry vaporizer, it is on sale for $109.99 right now. But what kind of hosts would we be if we didn’t have some kind of a deal for you? The awesome folks over at SMK24 have created a special code just for weeducated listeners which will, as promised, take 50% off! Just enter the code “weeducated” when checking out to receive your discount.
BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! As a special thank you to all of our dedicated fans, we have an even better deal on this vaporizer specifically. If you want to get your very own SMK24 IKON, enter code “ikon24” and it will drop the price to $49.99 (for a limited time)! While it cannot be combined with other offers, that’s one heck of deal! For more information or to get your very own, click here now!

cannabis product review smk24 ikon dry herb vaporizer

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Cannabis Product Review – Show 50

This episode we’ll be reviewing the Snoop G pen by Grenco Science. It’s a pretty sweet little personal vaporizer for dry herbs. It’s about a hundred bucks but you can find it for less online. And soon you will be able to buy it from our Weeducated store too!
Here’s what their website has to say:
Grenco Science® wholeheartedly welcomes newest partner, Snoop Dogg.
In celebration of the monumental partnership, Grenco Science proudly debuts the Snoop Dogg | G Pen Herbal™, the first in a collection of upcoming releases designed by Snoop, himself, The Double G Series.
An intricately designed road map of Long Beach is showcased on the G Pen and inside perimeter of the box, personalizing the collaboration with areas sentimental and nostalgic to the icon.
Fully customized including a Snoop Dogg signature engraving, The Snoop Dogg | G Pen Herbal Tank is comprised of a stainless steel outer encasement, a scientifically-hardened glass sleeve, and the tank, itself, wherein dried herbs are housed and vaporized.
“What’s fly about the vaporizer movement is that it’s clean and convenient. Launching my custom G Pen is a great way to kick off the business partnership with Grenco Science,” said Snoop Dogg.
Average Rating:
Soon Dogg G pen review grenco science
Soon Dogg G pen review grenco science
Soon Dogg G pen review grenco science
Soon Dogg G pen review grenco science
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Cannabis Product Review – Show 48

We’ll be finishing our review from Gentleman’s vapes this episode by talking about the Viceroy. This is another great little kit from them and it specializes in waxes and concentrates, although you can get a dry herb chamber for it. This is actually one of the highest (tee hee hee) ratings we’ve ever given. It’s currently on sale too so get yours now or learn more here.
Average Rating:

Here’s what their website has to say:
The Viceroy Kit includes everything you need to get started vaping concentrates. Included in each kit is the Viceroy Pen, a Glass Globe, and 3 replaceable nails(atomizers), a polished aluminum mouth tip, wall charger(not pictured), and USB charging cord(not pictured).  
Unlike our competitors, our cartridges are wickless and solder-free, so you can taste the THC and not the cartridge. All of our nails use Kanthal A1 resistance wire to provide the best taste and durability.
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Cannabis Product Review – Show 46

Cannabis Product Review – Gentleman’s Vapes

This product review was provided by the awesome folks at Gentleman’s Vapes. They sent us two products to review and today we’ll be reviewing the Ambassador Kit by Gentleman’s Vapes. Here’s what their site says about it:

Our best-selling starter kit includes everything you need to vape oils, waxes, concentrates, dry herbs, and e-liquids. Each kit includes both a large pen and a slim pen, as well as three cartridges (two for concentrates and one for herbs) so you can vape at home and on the go with ease.

The Ambassador Kit works with:
Full melt concentrates
Dry herbs [note: the included dry herb cartridge will combust the herb, not vaporize it]

More information can be found on their website, here.

Listen to the full review now


Average Rating:

It’s actually a very cool vape kit. The packaging and such is awesome. There are actual directions included which most vapes don’t have or they have crappy ones. There are two included vapes and several attachments. The first is the double agent which is the bigger one and then the espionage (hee hee)which is small and discreet. One of the things that’s really cool about the double agent is that there are two ports you can use to charge it. You can charge it like a normal vape, but if you are a typical pothead and it’s dead when you need it, you can actually charge it while using it with the other port. And the charge time is really short. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge the big one but only about 15 minutes for the rapid charger which you can use for the espionage. Crazy awesome huh? The double agent also has three settings which is great for trying to get that perfect temperature. And the double agent has a cartridge for oils and one for dry herb. And there’s one more thing that sets the dry herb attachment apart, it has an effin enormous chamber. And it uses the new trend in vapes with the coil up the center so you don’t have to stir it every other hit. I’m not wild about the fact that there is no filter on the mouthpiece, it’s basically just open to the chamber. I don’t know enough to know what the advantage would be but it seems like an easy fix if there isn’t a tangible benefit.

Aaaaand here are some pics:






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Cannabis Product Review – Show 45

This episode marks our highest (tee hee hee) rated product yet. We reviewed the Vapir No2, which is an variable temperature personal vaporizer.  Listen to the full review to see what we thought.


Average Rating:




Here’s what their site has to say about it:

When we set out to create a newest Vapir vaporizer it had to be the next generation in vaporization technology for it to be worthy of the name Vapir. To make this leap we designed and created this unit from the ground up with the suggestions, comments and ideas our customer’s had indicated they wanted in their ‘dream’ vaporizer. In addition we added some amazing technology and forward thinking options to create our newest addition to the Vapir lineup. With the NO2, Vapir has created a portable vaporizer the vape community has been waiting for!

Most compact portable vaporizers available on the market employ a heating system which is powered either directly by flame (usually using a lighter) or through a butane heating mechanism; this is inferior for many reasons. The butane can be inhaled by the customer, which creates an acrid taste. With the clean flame-less heat created by the NO2, customers can now enjoy the true flavor and essence of their favorite plant material without any foul aftertaste!

The portable NO2 unit allows customers to specifically control the heat with its patented digital display which is fully accurate within 2-5 degrees. This level of accuracy and control allows the customer to know what temperature they are at every time, all the time – providing the most effective heating environment for vaporizing herbs. Many portable vaporizers on the market employing inferior non-programmable heating mechanisms force customer’s to blindly trust the unit to keep the temperature below incineration levels. Without any certainty and control over the heating chamber temperature in many customers find themselves inhaling smoke; this defeats the purpose of the money they spent on their vaporizer. The NO2 gives control back to its customer by allowing them the peace of mind to know what temperature their vaporizer is heating up to at all times. This creates the perfect environment to produce the most fresh and flavorful vapor without any harmful smoke!

From every perspective, the NO2 is the portable vaporizer of the future…available today!

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Cannabis Product Review – Show 44

This episode we’re taking a quick break from strains to talk about a really cool vaporizer called the SMK24 NanoStick. We were asked to review this by one of our fans who saw it on Groupon so, here you go, Ben! It’s a very reasonably priced personal vaporizer, coming in at $39.99. Now, in order to use it with dry herbs, you have to get that attachment which is normally another 20 bucks for a two pack. That said, we have a 50% off coupon for our listeners, because we rule. If you’re going to order, check out the product here and make sure to use code “vape24” for 50% off! 
Average Rating:
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Cannabis Product Review – Show 43

Our product review this time comes from another local dispensary, Encanto Green Cross. They are a dispensary located out of Phoenix, near I-17 and in between Thomas and McDowell. They are actually a really cool place with really great strains, they won at least five awards from the recent Bong Butch Bud Awards. They have given us several new strains to try…..


We got to try Durban Poison (which was actually one of the strains we talked about during cooking with cannabis, this time!)


We also had Skunk Northern Lights


And Afghan


Agent Orange


And last, but certainly not least, Purple Cheese


For more information on Encanto Green Cross Dispensary, check them out online at


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Cannabis Product Review – Show 41

Marijuana Strain Review (take two)

Ok so since we all got entirely too stoned to have a coherent marijuana strain review last time, we thought we’d give it another shot this week. 🙂 We decided to cover our favorite Sativa strains (or what we thought were sativas) for those who like to be as productive as possible after enjoying their herb. Girl Scout Cookies was Nicki’s favorite, Jeff’s favorite was Lemon Sour Diesel and my favorite was as cliche as it gets, Pineapple Express. To hear all about these strains and how to identify them, listen to the show now!


girl scout cookies marijuana

Lemon Diesel

pineapple express marijuana

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