Cannabis Product Review – Show 67

This episode of Weeducated Product Review takes us to the Grand Opening of Hempful Farms Cafe and Shop. That’s right, we have an awesome new cafe and store in the state that helps to promote the cultural shift needed to fully legalize cannabis. Oh and it’s a really cool place. With really great food. And really cool peeps. That helps too…. Press play now to hear all about what we thought. However, suffice it to say, you should go show these folks some love. They really are doing a cool thing in a really unique way. More information about them can be found on their website, here.

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Here’s what their website says:

My story is a unique one and will one day be read in a book, a novel maybe even a series…..but for now, we are here to help you “Start your day in a Hempful Way!” Our concept derived from our wanting to live healthier and share what we have learned with others. We bring to the table 20 years in the “industry”, both of them and now we have a concept we believe will take off very quickly.

hempful farms cafe

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cannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product review

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Cannabis Product Review – Show 64

In this episode of Cannabis Product Review, we discuss an upcoming cannabis strain that Ruby’s dad is sure to love. It’s coming to us from her dad’s doppelganger, Tommy Chong. He recently announced he is developing a new strain called “Chong Star”. Hilarious. And we can’t wait to try it!!

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Now that the era of cannabis prohibition is finally coming to a close, the famous stoners of bygone eras are stepping away from their bongs, wandering out of their man caves and looking to cash in. Bob Marley’s descendants may be trying to brand a strain of weed named after the famed reggae singer, but L.A.’s own Tommy Chong is thinking a big more broadly. Yes, his own strain — “Chong Star” — is in the works. Read more….

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Cannabis Product Review – Show 63

Nom nom nom! We’re super excited to bring you this episode of Weeducated Product Review. It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve done a traditional review and this is a GREAT product to come back with. We picked these little babies up (legally, of course) on our trip to California for the Emerald Conference.  They’re called MediBears and they are made by a company called MediBrothers. The best part? They’re available in Washington, Oregon and California! Ok, I lied…the actual best part? Holy hell, they are STRONG. Like…whoa.

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Cannabis Product ReviewCannabis Product ReviewCannabis Product ReviewCannabis Product Review


Cannabis Product Review Cannabis Product Review

And also, here’s a great story (albeit old) about the MediBrothers…. Check it out!

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Cannabis Product Review – Show 61

In this episode’s Cannabis Product Review, we see that the idea that “sex sells” even crosses into the cannabis industry. We talk about a product called Foria, which is a topical spray for use by females. The product is designed to enhance sexual satisfaction for women. Tune in to hear more or check out their site, here!

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cannabis foria

Here what their website says:

Foria is a first of its kind all natural sensual enhancement oil thoughtfully designed for women – a blend of nourishing liquid coconut oil and lab-tested cannabis oil from Colorado grown marijuana.

Our proprietary formula was inspired by the historical use of cannabis as an aphrodisiac in traditional cultures around the world. This ancient wisdom has been validated by the recent groundswell of scientific research into the health benefits of marijuana. Foria harnesses the complex powers of marijuana to create a potent “therapeutic aphrodisiac.”

Because we believe that health and pleasure are naturally inseparable, we chose to make Foria with 100% natural liquid coconut oil. Coconut oil has a naturally low pH that is great for skin care and ideal for maintaining a healthy vaginal pH – one key to fighting off yeast and bacteria – thereby promoting natural harmony and balance within the body.  

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Cannabis Product Review – Show 60

Our Cannabis Product Review for this episode features a really cool glass studio in Olympia, Washington, Rain City Glass! The best part? They will be providing one of our lucky listeners an amazing handcrafted glass piece from their studio! Tune in now for more information! They are part showcase, part studio and part school! Workshops start as low as 30 bucks so what are you waiting for? For more information on Rain City Glass, check out their site here, or their Instagram or Facebook.

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They have so many badass pieces on their site and in their store, check it now!


Here’s what their website has to say:

Rain City Glass Studios is tucked away near the Olympia Airport. Opened in 2013, we became the first place in Olympia, WA to offer Borosilicate classes to the public from ages 9 and up. All of the glass that you will see in our shop is created right in the studio, keeping our production cost down and quality control up. We are able to offer you great local pieces at affordable prices.

We love melting glass! Our staff is a collection of talented, dedicated professional instructors and glass blowers who combine a love of glass with a desire to help others who want to achieve their highest potential. That passion shows in all we do!

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Cannabis Product Review – Show 59

This episode we’ll be reviewing a really cool product we came across at the newest farmer’s market. The No Sticky Container. Basically, this is the answer to your wax storage needs. How many times have you wasted your cannabis because you couldn’t get it all out of the container? Well, not anymore. That’s where comes in! The guy who runs the place is a really cool guy who actually started the company out of the back of a Volkswagen. Awesome, right? Oh and the best part is that you can get them customized! For more information click here!
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cannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product review
Here’s what their website has to say:
As we all know it started with parchment paper. A few years ago back, parchment was the best nonstick solution for sticky oils and extracts. With the wonders of platinum cured silicone our containers leave NoSticky substances behind. It is our mission to share the wonder of nonstick silicone with the rest of the world. Join us in the fight to put the icky back in your Sticky! Contact us anytime:
Here are the pics of the ones we reviewed but there are so many designs, you should look at them on the site, here.
no sticky container
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Cannabis Product Review – Show 58

So in honor of our recent decision to only advertise or talk about folks we think are awesome (not in exchange for money), we found this really cool company called Kashit Inventions. They are an entire company of cannabis users who are dedicated to solving the problems cannabis users face. I know, I know, we don’t really have it that rough but these guys are making weed EVEN MORE AWESOME. If that’s even possible….

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Here’s what their website says:


At KashIt Inventions, we are dedicated to producing the most innovative products that reinvent the smoking lifestyle.
Our mission is to maximize your smoking pleasure with sleek, unique and modern products.

They have three products on the books but only two are available for purchase….For more information, check out their website, here.

Kashit Clean

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KashIt Clean™ (patent pending) is the first portable, rechargeable vacuum designed specifically to pick up smoking ash.It instantly sucks up ash from any surface and is perfect for cleaning ash out of any hand pipe or waterpipe. KashIt Clean™ is also the easiest way to remove ash from a bubbler.

built-in declogging tool
twist-extending nozzle
micro-USB charging port
re-usable filter

Charger included

Kashit Cool

marijuana radio

KashIt Cool™ (patent pending) is the first cooling attachment of its kind with built- in antimicrobial properties to protect the device. Simply place in a freezer until
ice-cold, place above a water pipe, and enjoy a soothing sensation in the throat and lungs.


  • tempered glass coil
  • cooling agent
  • silicone sleeve to create an airtight seal
  • built-in antimicrobial agent
  • Conical diameter range: 1.25 in. – 2.00 in.

Kashit Grinder

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KashIt Grinder™

The faster, easier way to grind smoking product

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Cannabis Product Review – Show 57

This episode of Cannabis Product Review, we shake it up a bit by partnering with to bring you an interview withDaniel Yazbeck, the CEO and Founder of CDX Life. The MyDX is a product we discussed on this show. We just found out about Matt from and he is doing some really cool stuff. He’s pretty exclusive with who he’ll interview and evrything I’ve listened to has been really interesting and informative! Definitely check him out at or on Itunes and Stitcher!
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Here’s what their website has to say about the MyDX:

MyDx for Cannabis.

When presented with a sample of cannabis, MyDx will deliver a strain analysis revealing the abundance of medically relevant cannabinoids such as THC & CBD, whose ratios have been shown to play a key role in how a specific strain makes people feel. The Canna sensor is also being programmed to look for a class of compounds known as the “terpenoids”, which give each strain of cannabis its unique smell, and in synergy with the other compounds found in Cannabis, further contribute to the overall medical effect of the plant.

The MyDx App will combine science, engineering, pattern recognition and your feedback to start tracking how each chemical profile effects You.  The goal is to empower consumers to create a private personalized profile that defines our ideal strain until our doctors are empowered with the tools to help us better define that profile.

mydx cdl life my dx

mydx cd life my dx

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Cannabis Product Review – Show 56

We’ll be reviewing the latest Arizona vape from Harvest of Tempe, the Dream Steam vape. Similar in design to one of our favorite products, the O pen, this little vape is awesome.  To hear the full review press play now!
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cannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product review
Here’s what their website says:
Vaporizing provides a healthier alternative to smoking when immediate relief is required. However, not everyone can afford to purchase a vaporizer. Our “Dream Steam” vaporizer pens provide an inexpensive, convenient means for inhaling medical marijuana without smoke or odor. In addition, the cartridges that accompany our pens contain CO2 extracted medical marijuana concentrate. No grinding or cleaning required: just screw the cartridge into the pen, inhale, and experience immediate relief. 
cannabis product review
It’s priced at about 60 bucks for the starter kit and refills start at 30. They are available at several other dispensaries, as well. To learn more contact Harvest of Tempe here.


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Cannabis Product Review – Show 55

In this episode’s cannabis product review, we’ll be talking about another really affordable vaporizer starter kit that can vape dry herbs, oils or waxes. This one is from Atmos and it’s called the Atmos Bullet 2go. To hear what we thought, check out the full review. To learn more about the Atmos Bullet-2-Go, click here!
atmos bullet 2 go review

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atmos bullet 2 go reviewatmos bullet 2 go reviewatmos bullet 2 go reviewatmos bullet 2 go reviewatmos bullet 2 go review

Here’s what their website says:
The Atmos Bullet-2-Go Plus is everything you need in one simple package! This kit comes with one Waxy cartridge for all Waxy oils, one Nano cartridge for all oils, and one Bullet Cartridge for dry herbs. This is the ultimate kit for vaping in style. Size: h 5.052 in, d 0.37 in 
Developed and Designed by Atmos Nation. ( Patent Pending )
This Kit Includes: 
  • 1 – Lithium Ion Battery ( Patent pending spring loaded connector )
  • 1 – Nano Cartridge
  • 1 – Bullet Cartridge
  • 1 – Waxy Cartridge
  • 1 – Cordless USB Charger
  • 1 – User Manual


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