Cannabis Product Review – Show 64

In this episode of Cannabis Product Review, we discuss an upcoming cannabis strain that Ruby’s dad is sure to love. It’s coming to us from her dad’s doppelganger, Tommy Chong. He recently announced he is developing a new strain called “Chong Star”. Hilarious. And we can’t wait to try it!!

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Now that the era of cannabis prohibition is finally coming to a close, the famous stoners of bygone eras are stepping away from their bongs, wandering out of their man caves and looking to cash in. Bob Marley’s descendants may be trying to brand a strain of weed named after the famed reggae singer, but L.A.’s own Tommy Chong is thinking a big more broadly. Yes, his own strain — “Chong Star” — is in the works. Read more….

By rubylexi • February 11, 2015 • 12:00 am

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