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We’ll be reviewing the latest Arizona vape from Harvest of Tempe, the Dream Steam vape. Similar in design to one of our favorite products, the O pen, this little vape is awesome.  To hear the full review press play now!
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cannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product reviewcannabis product review
Here’s what their website says:
Vaporizing provides a healthier alternative to smoking when immediate relief is required. However, not everyone can afford to purchase a vaporizer. Our “Dream Steam” vaporizer pens provide an inexpensive, convenient means for inhaling medical marijuana without smoke or odor. In addition, the cartridges that accompany our pens contain CO2 extracted medical marijuana concentrate. No grinding or cleaning required: just screw the cartridge into the pen, inhale, and experience immediate relief. 
cannabis product review
It’s priced at about 60 bucks for the starter kit and refills start at 30. They are available at several other dispensaries, as well. To learn more contact Harvest of Tempe here.


By rubylexi • November 12, 2014 • 12:00 am

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  1. Dream steam cartridge now comes in 300mg for $55. By far best thing ever, small, indiscret and the high concentration is worth the extra $15. Co2 extract leaves the natural tate of the strain. I rate this 5 leafs.

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