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Weeducated exists to help change the cultural response to cannabis. We do this through intelligent, meaningful conversations about how the industry is unfolding in America and beyond. We do this through explaining how the negativity is based on social rules, rather than a logical ones, by pointing out the historical uses of the plant and how/why our culture has changed throughout the years. We do this by empowering patients and educating them on their rights and responsibilities. We do this by becoming the voice for the millions of people who have used cannabis to live happier, healthier lives. Join with us on our campaign to end the demonization of marijuana! Activate. Educate. Weeducate.

What listeners say

This is the first time we have heard your show. We too laughed, smoked and learned and hope that others did as well. quote-right
Jerry and Sue, The Hippie Couple

Ive listened to all your podcasts. I really like Steve. He's very educated on all the latest products plus the political side. You girls are very funny and have great stories to tell. I listen to your podcast at work and it makes the day go by faster. Thanks again for your great show and hard work to keep this going. quote-right

This was EPIC, if you havent listened to it. I have listened to all the shows and thought I was fairly educated about cannabis but there's always more to learn. Thanks for what you guys are doing for the cannabis movement! quote-right

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Ruby Lexington · Host

(Little Known Cannabis Facts)

Ruby Lexington is an internet geek by trade and is a long-time marijuana advocate. Originally from Fort Collins, CO she has settled down in Arizona. She is passionate about helping patients and changing the overall culture of our society, with regards to marijuana. She believes in the freedom of choice and finds it quite appalling that our goverment finds it acceptable to limit the options available for our healthcare. She and her husband are both cancer survivors and they can't wait for the day that cannabis is a nationally recognized and accepted form of treatment. While she's a bit of a hermit, she loves hearing your stories and how cannabis has helped you (or maybe even changed your life)! Connect with her today and help us get the nation WEEDUCATED!

Ruby Lexington

Nicki Foxx · Co-Host

(Cooking with Cannabis)

Nicki Foxx is a MMJ patient, activist, and entrepreneur. She is originally from New York but has traveled to many different countries, and has settled in AZ because of the growing MMJ market. She started the company Gourmedd 2 years ago and since then has been providing patients with Gourmet Cannabis meals and culinary classes. Her passion is teaching people how to medicate while maintaining a healthy diet and eating the food they love. She teaches culinary classes all about cooking with MMJ once a month. Connect with Nicki today to see how you can integrate your medicine into your daily foods!

Nicki Foxx

Steve the Caregiver · Co-Host

(Cannabis News and Steve's Cannabis Corner)

Steve the Caregiver was born and raised in Northern Illinois. He worked in a pharmacy in the 80s when they delivered drugs to your doorstep and often left them there. Times change eh? Working in the pharmacy taught him a lot about many different drugs and the risks of prescriptions. So, he began to read as much as he could about Cannabis.

After college, in 92, he met Jack Herer and got many answers from the book, THE EMPOROR HAS NO CLOTHES. After he lost a friend to cancer he learned that Medical Marijuana may have made his fight more successful or at least more comfortable. It was a trip to a dispensary in Colorado that solidified his commitment to helping patients and the industry. He plans to continue to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with patients and opponents world wide. Please help him!

Steve the Caregiver

Jeff Kaufman ESQ. · Co-Host

(Cannabis Law Tips)

Jeff has been described as a “former Hippie growing up in the 60’s,” partially as the result of being tear gassed during his first week at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during an anti-Dow Chemical recruiting event, several weeks before he first tried marijuana and grew his hair (now long gone). Jeff mixes his analysis of history and politics, every day experiences, nostalgia and humor (or at least an attempt at it) and brings it to the show. He and the other hosts and guests frequently debate the cannabis and other issues of the day. Jeff has more than 30 years of Arizona experience in civil and criminal cases, representing businesses and ordinary people, in all walks of life. His newest interest and the current emphasis of his legal practice are in the field of medical marijuana law. He is a cardholding patient, so he can combine his vocation with his avocation and his passion. He represents dispensaries and their owners, agents, financiers and managers, as well as those who are attempting to get into marijuana business, such as vendors and cultivators. His clients include those who have to deal with rules and regulations, the benefits and “gray areas” of the medical marijuana laws and rules and their effects upon tenants and landlords, employees and employers and citizens charged with crimes, due to the interaction between the criminal laws defining cannabis and possession and sale of marijuana with the rights of patients and the rest of us. He tries to communicate “practical advice and legal tips on how to react and the difference between what the law is and what you think it is or should be.” Please check out other informative stuff about Jeff and his practice and how marijuana would have made his mother’s death less painful at after you have finished checking out this website.

Jeff Kaufman

Butch Williams · Co-Host

(Cannabis Growing Tips)

Butch Williams is a pioneer in the industry. With over a decade of experience, he has worked with such greats as: Angel Reich, with the Reich v Gonzales case, Chris Crane from 4front advisers, Richard Lee at Oaksterdam University. Butch has been a nominee for ‘Best New Product’ at the High Times Cannabis Cup in La 2012 for his Bong Butch Tool Invention. These tools are sold from small head shops to Steve DeAngelo's Harborside Health Center. Butch Williams has worked with ASA (Americans for Safe Access), and has sat on the board of directors for Phoenix NORML. He is currently the only dispensary applicant in the Sun City CHAA with his business White Mountain Health Center.

Butch Williams

Mat Parks · Sound Engineer

An Arizona native with a passion for music Mathew is new to the world of talk radio, but a veteran of the local music scene. Mat started his audio quest in 2004 and quickly became known as an innovator in the world of recording. Now with several local ep's and his own LP's he is moving into the world of radio with hopes of one day scoring a major motion picture. Working with Weeducated is just the latest project in a string of different audio engineering accomplishments.

Mat Parks

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